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Soda Lime glass

Soda-lime glass is one of the silicate glass.Soda-lime float windows are cost effective medium performance windows however they have limitations transmitting around 80% average from 400-700nm with poor performance in NIR.
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    Soda-lime float glass is a sheet material that is relatively flat.Float glass is manufactured by floating molten glass onto a bed of molten metal, usually tin. Using float glass process of manufacture achieves a flat surface with a uniform thickness of material across the aperture.
    Soda-lime float glass are excellent for use in standard non-scientific window applications such as protecting visible CCTV camera or windows for picture framing applications and flat panel displays. They are also an excellent substrate for optical mirrors as transmission properties are not important.
    Sheet glass as soda-lime float glass is sometimes termed come as large sheets over 2m square and in a range of thickness from 1mm to over 20mm. The glass surfaces can be machined to special shapes and surfaces can be ground to create a diffused finish. Surfaces can also be etched with screen printing designs. Soda-lime is also an excellent substrate for making tempered or toughened windows for increased strength and high temperature applications.
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