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Sales Team

Yutai Optics has a professional sales team with excellent service. Sells team provide full service from inquiry,production,inspection,delivery and after sale guarantee. ”Customer first” is sells teams goal. So Yutai always try the best to meet each customer's request.

                                              Produciton Team                                             

Yutai Optics processes precision optical components with many experienced engineers and advanced machines which are the important elements for the high quality items.Our advanced production machines list:Ring polishing machine,Single axis machine,Two axis machine,Four axis machine,Centering edging machine,Mechanical milling machine, Spectrograph Grinding machine,Nanotech.250upl,Talysurfi120.


Inspection Team
           Yutai Optics has a double-check inspection for optical components.The quality control department test every component carefully and provide testing report for each order. Our testing machine includes ZYGO,Stereo interferometer, Horizontal interferometer.

Process for most optics

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