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H-K9L(N-BK7) Windows

The nd data of H-K9L is 1.5168,vd data is 64.20. H-K9L is the alternative for N-BK7.H-K9L(N-BK7) is a RoHS-compliant borosilicate crown glass. It provides excellent transmission in the visible and near infrared portions of the spectrum(350 nm - 2.0 µm). It is typically chosen whenever the additional benefits of UV fused silica. H-K9L(N-BK7) is probably the most common optical glass used in high-quality optical components. H-K9L(N-BK7) is a hard glass that can withstand a variety of physical and chemical stressors. It is relatively scratch and chemical resistant. It also has a low bubble and inclusion content, making it a useful glass for precision lenses.All of these H-K9L(N-BK7) high precision windows can be uncoated or with broadband AR coatings: 350 - 700 nm (VIS wavelength), 650 - 1050 nm , or 1050 - 1700 nm.
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   Transmittance for H-K9L(N-BK7)material:       
   Transmittance for H-K9L(N-BK7)with AR@VIS:

Material:H-K9L (N-BK7)
Diameter Tolerance: +0.1/-0.15 mm
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.1mm 
Parallelism <3 arc minutes
Surface Quality :20-10
Surface Figure:λ/10@633nm 
Bevel:0.25mm×45 ° 
Clear Aperture:90% 
Coating:Specified by customers 
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