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Wedge Prisms

Wedge Prisms(Risley prisms) has two plane faces slightly inclined to each other, the wedge apex angle. Usually the faces are inclined toward one another at a very small angles. It diverts light toward its thicker portion.They are typically used in laser systems to steer the beam they can be used individually to deviate a laser beam a set angle, or two wedge prisms can be used together for beam steering applications. This beam steering is accomplished by rotating the two wedge prisms independently of each other, and is typically used to scan a beam to different locations in imaging applications. Yutai offers optical glass or infrared material wedge Prisms.
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Material: H-K9L,Optical glass,UVFS 
Dimension Tolerance:+0/-0.1mm   
Thickness Tolerance : ±0.1mm  
Angle Tolerance:< 30 ''   
Surface Accuracy : λ/4   
Surface Quality : 40/20   
Clear Aperture:>90%   
Bevel :< 0.2mm×45°   
Coating : Custom Design

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