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Porro Prisms

Porro prisms are used for a 90° light path bend by using the hypotenuse face of the prism rather than the leg faces.They are similar to right angle prisms. This configuration produces a right-handed image since two reflections occur. The incident ray's direction is reversed when using a porro prism since the object enters and the image exits the same face.
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Material:H-K9L,Optical glass,UVFS 
Dimension Tolerance:±0.1mm   
Angle Tolerance:< 3’   
Surface Accuracy:λ/4   
Surface Quality: 40/20   
Clear Aperture:>90%   
Bevel: < 0.2mm×45°   
Coating : Custom Design   

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H-K9L(BK7) Porro Prisms,
Fused Silica Porro Prisms,
Porro Prisms with AR coating.

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