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Penta Prisms

Penta prism is a five sided prism used to deviate the input beam by 90° and will neither invert nor reverse the image. The two reflecting surfaces are coated with antireflective material to reduce the loss of light (through transmission) as the incident angle is less than the critical angle. It is widely used in laser level, alignment and optical tooling.These prisms deviate a beam through the same angle regardless of its orientation to the beam. This makes penta prisms valuable for applications requiring an exact 90° deviation without having to orient the prism precisely. The monolithic design of a penta prism also makes it inherently more stable than a system consisting of two mirrors.
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Material:H-K9L(Optical glass,UVFS)   
Dimension Tolerance:±0.1mm   
Angle Tolerance:< 3’   
Surface Accuracy:λ/4   
Surface Quality: 40/20   
Clear Aperture:>90%   
Bevel: < 0.2mm×45°   
Coating : Custom Design 

Highly recommended Penta Prism from Yutai Optics:
H-K9L(BK7) Penta Prisms,
UV Fused Silica Penta Prisms,
Penta Prisms with AR and HR/Metallic coating,
Protected Aluminum with black paint penta prisms,
Penta Beamsplitters( glued by one right angle prism and one penta prism),
Half Penta Prisms.

Beam steering;
Optical system alignment.
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