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Light Pipes/Blocks

Light Pipes/Blocks with all the surface polished.Light pipe homogenizing rods utilize total internal reflection to homogenize non-uniform light sources regardless of their spectral characteristics. Light pipes provide 35% less light loss than a comparable square configuration. Low Numerical Aperture (NA) sources require longer pipes to uniformly homogenize light while shorter pipes will sufficiently homogenize the output from high NA sources.Tapered Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods are available in both 2X and 3X magnifications. The Numerical Aperture (NA) of the light output is reduced proportionally to the magnification, allowing significant reduction in NA of the output light.
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Material:H-K9L,Sapphire ,UVFS,Optical glass 
Dimension Tolerance:±0.1mm   
Angle Tolerance:< 3’   
Surface Accuracy:λ/4   
Surface Quality: 40/20   
Clear Aperture:>90%   
Bevel: < 0.2mm×45°   
Coating : Custom Design 

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