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ZnS(Zinc Sulphide)

Standard ZnS, made by CVD technique, is an excellent windows and domes material for long-wave infrared imaging system for military applications, due to its high transmission, good optical uniformity and high strength.
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Multispectral ZnS is made from Standard ZnS by a post-deposition hot isostatic process. This process spreads the transmission band to visible(0.4-12um), thus makes the material clear like water. Multispectral ZnS showing excellent transmission across the visible to long-wave infrared waveband, with very low scatter and absorption, is well-suited for the applications that require a single aperture for beam path for several wavebands.

CVD Zinc Sulphide (CVD ZnS)
Chemically vapor deposited zinc sulfide (CVD ZnS) is the high quality alternative for infrared windows, domes and optical elements. CVD Multispectral Zinc Sulphide is also called Cleartran. With good optical properties and excellent mechanical properties, CVD ZnS has been used successfully in many military applications requiring mechanical resistance to hostile environments.

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ZnS lenses, domes;
ZnS Prism;
ZnS Windows.

Multispectral ZnS Transmittance Chart:

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