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Silicon crystals are ideal for IR applications with good transmittance from 1.2 to 7.0μm. Silicon has a low 2.329 g/cm3 density which is half the density of Germanium, making it ideal for weight sensitive applications. Silicon's price is much better compared with Germanium. Many military brand company choose Yutai's Silicon lens or windows.
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    There are two kinds of Monocrystalline Silicon from Yutai Optics: Transmission Grade and Mirror Grade. As the transmission of optical grade material pulling of monocrystalline silicon (OCZ-Si) are widely used in the mid-infrared (1-6um) band, infrared transmittance over 50%. Float zone silicon crystal can be used in a wider band (1-14 um), the area of the high purity fused silicon (HPFZ - Si) and even can be used in the infrared wave band (greater than 30 um). Monocrystalline silicon is a good laser reflector material. With its good thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, low thermal expansion coefficient, monocrystalline silicon relatively low density, low cost, easy to precision machining, the CO2 laser reflector is the preferred basement materials.
    Yutai Optics can provide deep ultraviolet ( excimer level ), ultraviolet and infrared level calcium fluoride materials and components.
orientation: <111>, <110>, <100> etc.
shapes: round rod, square plate, step, prism, wedge and so on.

Silicon Transmission Chart:

Ideal for 1.2 to 7 μm NIR applications
Broadband 3 to 12 μm anti-reflection coating
Ideal for weight sensitive applications

Crystal Type

Cubic,NaCl type structure

Transmission Range

1.2-15μm; 17…>500μm

Refractive Index

3.41776@ 10μm

Reflective Loss

46.1% @ 10μm



Melting Point


Molecular Weight


Thermal Conductivity

163.32 W/(m K)@40℃

Specific Heat

703.4J/(kg K)

Hardness (mohs)

1150(Mohs 7)

Young’s Modulus


Shear Modulus


Bulk Modulus


Rupture Modulus


Dielectric Constant


Solubility Water


Crystal Structure

Single crystal, synthetic

Cleavage Planes


Standard Diameter

3", max. ø 300 mm 


windows,lenses,band pass filter, thermography, ATR crystals, FIR optics, mirrors

Highly recommended Silicon Optics from Yutai Optics:
Prime/Test/Dummy Grade 2"/4"/6"/8"/12" Si wafers;
Small(D3-7mm) Si lens; 
Aspherical Si lens;
Big(D>100mm) Si Windows with AL+DLC coating.

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