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CaF2(Calcium Fluoride)

Calcium Fluoride has good performance at optical and thermo-mechanical properties, it can be used for optical windows, spherical lens, prisms and cylinders within a wide range from 130nm to 9μm. It has optical properties of isotropy, low absorption and low refractive index, which made CaF2 gain the unique advantages in the application.
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CaF2 Elements' Applications:
Thermal imaging systems,
Excimer lasers, 
Fourier analysis,
Testing instruments, 
Gas liquid laser system, 
Astronomical telescope.  

Highly recommended CaF2 Optics from Yutai Optics:
0.5"1"2"CaF2 Windows,
CaF2 Lens,
CaF2 Domes,
CaF2 Prisms.

CaF2 transmission curve:

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